“YOUNG HEART” is a documentary that shed the light on youth in Paris. 
Series of interviews with young creatives that opens up their opinions about their experiences, future, struggles, aspirations and love.

The Premier Amour tribe, the youth, have often experienced profound challenges in their life; they discuss about important things that goes deeper than what you may see in their social media accounts.

It’s an intimate look, but most importantly a powerful way to use the documentary art form to elevate their voice and leverage their life story into a lasting impact in the community.

Directed & filmed By Shyne Ousmane and Liza Ostanina To picture their generation through art film form and discussions with its representatives.
The documentary is featuring Eva Minaeva, Jasper Ramsenco, Nahuel Serrano, Malick Kane, Valeria Karaman, Liren Shih, Kenna Hines, Emilie De Jaeger, Harry, Tyyki and Sasoori.